The Aeroplane, The Dream

(What with people disappearing on their winter hols this popped into my head. I am currently working on a secret writing project so here’s a little something to keep the site ticking over. I wrote this many years ago when I was working in an office. Try to read aloud please…)

Nose pressed against windowpane,
Watching the plane,
Imagining the dream,
Under the wing,
Clinging to the fuselage
In the ice white roar.
Through the window,
Across the sky,
We saw
(Eyes squinting against the sun)
The flight,
Silently leaving a breadcrumb trail,
Spooling a twine
Against the blue.
The engine’s lagging hum
Gently sung,
Of picking crumbs
And coiling string,
Chasing dreams
Under an aeroplanes wing.

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