Scored reading of “Tea bags, Soap, Be Normal.” Video clips.

Part 1: The Hospital (2010)

A day in the life of New Timber Ward.

The book starts in early 2010 and I wake up in hospital with 11 broken ribs, a punctured lung and liver, a broken foot and collar bone and a very serious brain injury.

The Weegasm

I have my catheter removed and it is quite a sensation.

Part 2: Remembering ‘Good Friday’ (2009)

Scrabble For Beginners

 After some devastating news I remember that in 2009 I suffered from clinical depression. While recovering I got a piano and as I was learning I wrote an album about what I had been through. I remember the depression that inspired the songs, writing the songs and playing them to the intense young woman who taught me the piano.

We begin in A&E after a suicide attempt in Crawley.

Tonight The Stars

The turning point in the album. I look at the night sky and realise I am going to have to start fighting.

Part 3: Outside (2010) 

I am out of the hospital and recovering at my parents. It is summer and I am happy to be alive.

The Sky

Able to trundle into the garden on my Zimmer – I am astounded by the sky.

Walking with crutches, ‘Moon River’ and the trees

I am down to a crutch and can go for walks. I am in a wood when “Moon River” comes on my mp3.

Who I am now

I visit Leicester and go to Summer Sundae. I am well on the way to recovery but still pretty damaged. I don’t really see the damage anymore … but my friends do.

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