Parkin Presents at Embrace Arts

Parkin Presents is a seasonal night at Embrace Arts. The night revolves around the beautiful Bösendorfer piano they have there. All the acts need to be able to play the piano along with whatever else they can play. There are fake candles on the tables, I wear a suit … it’s supposed to be a classy alternative to loud guitars in smelly pubs.

I always start the night with whatever I’m working on at the time, maybe with a guest musician helping me and from there on the piano playing definitely gets better. It is my chance to play along side people I admire. 🙂

It’s at Embrace Arts (the Leicester University Arts Centre), it’s on Lancaster Road that leads up to Victoria Park, just up from the fire station. Here’s there website:

We’ve had Grace Petrie, Mia and the Moon, The Daydream Club and Lester Allen (who has played Buckingham Palace!) … It’s a really intimate night that the musicians love.

The next is on Oct 1st with headline act by Annabel Sophie McKendrie. Annabel is “controlled but soulful … with a burnished, beautiful tone across her whole range, this is a voice worth seeking out.” Live Unsigned.

Do come along for some cherry picked, candlelit piano pop.

Anyway … here’s some clips …

A devastating set from Martha Bean with cello, viola, bass guitar and wurlitzer.

and me mucking up ….

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