Education Workshops

From its birth in 2007 until 2012 David was an artistic director and the education officer for arts organisation metro-boulot-dodo. During his many years with MBD and especially during the company’s early years as a touring theatre company, David has workshopped folk from 5 to 85 throughout the country from Bury to Braintree. Along with devised theatre David has taught a variety of things from poetry to improvised comedy. If you can think of it, chances are David has taught it. If the workshop types below aren’t EXACTLY what you want then please feel free to contact David on, 07956095868 or just leave a comment and he will create a workshop tailor made to your requirements.

All the workshops are available in half day slots (3 hours), full day and as a week long residency ending in a 15 – 30 minute performance.


Devised Theatre

Fun, improvisational ways to perform and generate material.

The Good Friday Workshop 

Along with a performance of Good Friday (the theatre version or the one man version) David offers workshops on how to create a piece of theatre from personal experience. It could be a one off or a week long residency ending with Good Friday and a performance of the students work. Only suitable for 16 +.


David wrote the poetry for metro-boulot-dodo and Watch This Space and is keen to demystify the process. How to create material in a quick and fun way.

Song Writing

David learnt how to play the piano in 2009 and has written songs ever since. The emphasis in this workshop will be the lyrics. If you have three chords and something to say you can write a song. There are a lot of mediocre lyricists out there, lets redress the balance.

A Fresh Look At Set Texts

David will use his years of being a creative to bring a fresh perspective to a text you are working on. He has read a lot but not all so please let him know a week in advance so he can read the text (if he hasn’t). The emphasis will be approaching the work dramatically and having FUN!

Improvised Comedy

David has performed as a stand up in the past and his one man show “Dave Explodes” was a huge hit at The Leicester Comedy Festival. David loves improvised comedy and has performed with impro groups Bachman Turner Improvise and UFI (Unidentified Flying Improv), the latter still perform at the Leicester (Dave) Comedy Festival. He knows loads of fun games to play and he is really funny. What more do you want? Please see the mockumentary “The Workshop” below to see just how hilarious Dave is!

Film and Video

David knows how to shoot and edit for film. He can help create a plot or can work in more abstract ways. Please see the mockumentary “The Workshop” below.


Dave goes into a school and makes “a little something” about bullying. Sending up drama workshops deliciously and delivering a strong message about bullying, THE WORKSHOP is a piece of education work made for metro-boulot-dodo that David is very proud of. Just to stress – this is a MOCKUMENTARY!

4 thoughts on “Education Workshops

  1. Don’t fight back! Think back! If you make that t-shirt, I want 1000 of them. Perfect for the person with brain injury who’s got memory problems and a temper (me)! Think back to what? What just happened? 🙂

    • I never thought of that! This was pre brain bruise. But I like your angle! Made me giggle. My memory is still rubbish but temper fading. Coming up to 3 years now … Loving the sight!

  2. Great! I’m making the shirt and will post a pic when I have it. I’m leading a seminar soon on unleashing instinct and creativity through improv, but I have not taught improvisation since my brain injury. The one time I tried it this summer, I was terrible! Do you still do improvisation and devising? Let’s make a comedy film across the pond. Each of us can film one part, send it to the other for the response.

  3. I shall be just starting teaching improv comedy again first thing next year. Have made a musical show since (check Good Friday). Have done improv as well … did tend to get the giggles when before I was a hardened “no corpsing” kind a guy. But the public liked it! Ok – to the vid! Bring it on … I’ll leave it to you to kick it off! 🙂

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