What is David Parkin?

David is trying to bring back the term Renaissance Man.

Over the years David had dipped his toes in pretty much every art form. A child actor who had a speaking part in Hope And Glory and a munching part in cake adverts, he showed off in everything from school plays to National Youth Theatre shows to skits he wrote. He studied English Lit and Theatre Studies at Lancaster University where he met the other members of metro-boulot-dodo, an arts organisation he was a core director of for 15 years. MBD has done pretty much everything from theatre shows to education to installations to historical events to festival treasure hunts to short films to longer films to headphone tours. Then, at 32, he learnt how to play the piano and wrote an album and has decided music is probably his favourite art form, inspiring him to go freelance in 2012. In 2013 he toured  his Arts Council funded “clinical depression concept album show” Good Friday around England and Canada, finishing the run with a sell out show at Battersea Arts Centre. In Summer 2014 Arts Council funded him to finish his book “Tea bags, Soap, Be normal” and complete the recording of the album Good Friday (which is connected with the book). “Tea bags…” is a memoir about brain injury, depression and the joy of discovering music.
He had a short story included in KLICbait vol 1 (http://www.weareklic.com/#!writing/cb3n), about a stranded, telepathic, alcoholic alien watching the first commercial flight to the moon from a pub in Leicester.
More recently David was funded by Arts Council to make a children’s musical “The Nose That Nobody Picked” based on a book he wrote as a young man. Made with a brilliant team, including direction from Esther Simpson (metro-boulot-dodo), production design from Amy Nicholson (HandMade Theatre) and Pete Shenton (New Art Club) stealing the show as the villain of the piece; it is both snotty and poetic, with some very catchy tunes!
The premiere of the piece at the Attenborough Arts Centre (formerly Embrace Arts) sold out and received a storming response.
David is self publishing the original book to coincide with the 2016 autumn tour of the piece.

So, yes … Renaissance Man.

Or you could just say he’s a jack of all trades …

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