Reading from the memoir 6 – Walking with a crutch, the trees and “Moon River”

Excerpt from the last section: “Outside”. I am beginning to go for walks (hobbles) with my crutch. I walk through a wood and “Moon River” comes on my mp3 and I am struck by the beauty of nature anew.

“The sunlight filters through the leaves, dances and then it’s gone. The romance of the lyrics and the melody fit so perfectly into this moment.

There is such a lot of world to see …

The trees cotton on and soon start swaying in time.

As the song plays on I realise that it’s not easy to feel this way every time we look at a bloody tree, but this feeling has been thrust on me by everything that’s happened, by the darkness of the coma, by being inside for so long, by the euphoria and by not being dead.”

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