Interview for the brainreels (link)

Here is an interview with me talking to Cheryl Green about all sorts … Good Friday, The Next Life, poo.

Cheryl has had a brain injury herself and now does all sorts around art and disability, especially TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Cheryl is an American and we stumbled upon each other thanks to the world wide web. We instantly clicked and she has been a great supporter ever since, in fact she was the first person to read the first full draft of the book (which still needs work obviously), you don’t get much more supportive than that!

What has been so good about talking to her (and listening to her interviews with other TBI survivors) is a sense of not feeling alone. Whilst listening I have felt recognition but also understood why people just don’t “get it”. She and her interviewees all sound like “normal/average” human beings, yet they all share similar symptoms to me.

In one interview Cheryl points out that people with brain injury are often seen as “self centred, lacking empathy and very egotistical” and I just thought YES, YES! A part of me honestly thought it was just down to me being me until I heard that. Obviously I have always had a raging ego but it is good to know the brain bruise is a little bit to blame too. The thing is to recognise it as a symptom, then you can go about dealing with it. The other thing I realised as I listened is that America is doing a much better job at discussing TBI than the UK is. There is a community out there … just on the other side of The Atlantic.

Finally, having listened to other interviews I have realised that mine is the one with the most bleeps replacing swear words. And not just me, once Cheryl got in the flow she was “cussing” like a sailor!

Just clink on the link above or below to listen and check out her sites and

Excerpts form The Next Life coming soon … (link)


One thought on “Interview for the brainreels

  1. Awesome, Dave! Thanks! I don’t remember when I said the thing about us being seen as “self centred, lacking empathy and very egotistical,” but I’m certain I did! It’s a complicated thing. In a lot of ways, we do become very self centered, have trouble with empathy, and are egotistical (no matter how you spell “self centered!!”). It’s naturally part of the injury, and it’s also part of the recovery process and learning to understand your new life and your bruised up brain in a world that did not change when you suddenly did. At the same time, a lot of people outside our community see us as having nothing else going on. Maybe it’s because some of us talk about ourselves and our injuries all the time. But if you ask us a question now and then, you can find that many of us are very empathetic and care deeply about others. We just don’t always talk about others as much as we talk about ourselves. People don’t take enough time to ask us anything to find out we are so much more than our injury. Your book does a great job showing this, the way you write all the other characters with depth and emotion. Cheers!

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