The Workshop (and starting to blog again)

Hello All,
Well, I’ve been rubbish at blogging haven’t I? To be fair I have been beavering away at various creative things and I kind of go into arty blinker mode. I know that isn’t the way to do things these days. I should be working whilst tweeting about what coffee I’m having and linking the world to a live feed of what is going on in my head whilst currently running an ironic Twatter (spacebook, myspice, google pus, instaGran justin beebo) account supposedly by the head lice I have caught from my housemate’s daughter. Sorry … I’m old.
Anyway! Gonna try to aim for a blog on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend. And I’m starting by reblogging this. The Workshop – a mockumentary about about theatre workshops in school and the rather heavy subject of bullying. Why not? It’s a funny little project I’m very proud of!
In future blogs expect ponderings, poems, maybe a new song or two and extracts from my brain injury memoir The Next Life (formerly After The Fall).
It’s good to be back! Merry Spring!

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