Parkin Presents The Daydream Club, Frankie Binns & Mary-Anne’s Impressions, 10th Oct, Embrace Arts.

Parkin Presents The Daydream Club, Frankie Binns & Mary-Anne's Impressions, 10th Oct, Embrace Arts.

Well, the big news for the next PP (10 Oct) is that we have the wonderful “The Daydream Club”! These two (Adam Pickering and Paula Walkers) provide delicious boy/girl harmonies over tunes both folksy and poppy. And they are both disgustingly pretty. Talented and gorgeous… it’s enough to make you sick really.
Check out their website

Supporting them in our ‘wildcard’ slot (where we have something a bit different) will be breathtaking piano melodies from the talented (but thankfully not too gorgeous) Francis Binns. Frankie has an album out (“Fell Swoop”) brimming with his haunting, touching piano compositions. As well as the ‘wildcard’ slot he will be filling the ‘forgot more about the piano than Dave will ever learn’ slot. Some serious ivory credentials here!
Give his site a peruse

Also, (something a bit new this) we’ll have a slot from Mary-Anne Ratcliffe pretending to be other people. Expect some guilty pleasures (all with the right wigs): Britney, Pink, Florence and The Machine and only some Bon flipping Jovi! A cheeky little treat, with all the songs you know and love.

Finally, I will be getting help from the brilliant, tall, ginger monolith that is Andrew Mills. THE man of the Leicester music scene and one of the best guitarists we have. I’ll do a few songs and read some of new bits from “After The Fall” (because it’s all I’ve been working on!!! First full draft done!).

What a night eh? You’d be moron to miss it

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