Lovely 4 star review at the Winnipeg Fringe

U.K. native David Parkin jokingly refers to his one-man show (his first) as a “clinical depression concept album.” And indeed, he unspools his song-cycle chronicling his battle with “the black dog” and his ongoing recovery through the healing powers of music and humour.

His big-hearted agenda is to turn the taboo about discussing depression into art. His gentle, soft-spoken manner is both breathtakingly funny and heartbreakingly eloquent.

The songs, particularly Scrabble For Beginners and Tonight the Stars, have a genuinely moving power that comes from their rawness and simplicity.

About halfway through the show, he informs the audience they’re sitting through a one-hour therapy session, but we’re the ones who are paying for it.

Considering what a open-hearted and engaging performer he is, we still end up getting more than our money’s worth.

— Ben Wiebe–Madness-214220411.html

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