Other bits and bobs from Parkin Presents

And what a wonderful night it was! Parkin Presents is a seasonal event at Embrace Arts, Leicester that revoles around a delicious Bösendorfer piano. All the acts have to be able to tickle the ivories. The next one is on the 22nd June with special guest host (I’m doing Good Friday in Reading) Mike Sole….

Here’s The Skunk-Boy Project with a song (I don’t know its name):

And here’s The Yearning adding a bit of glamour:

And here’s me playing a newish song that I’m rather fond of. Inspired by “Where The Wild Things Are” (the film by Spike Jonze and the book) this is a little lullaby about being a kid. The very talented Dave Dhonau backs me up on cello and I muck up the end …

Finally, here is the awesome Lester J Allen playing 30 Pills, his heart wrenching song that so grabbed everyones attention a while ago.

Visit my you tube site to see more clips of this wonderful night: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDavidParkin

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