Parkin Presents 25th October

Parkin Presents 25th Oct

I haven’t just got Mia and the Moon because they are off that X-Factor, I have got them cos their flippin’ ace. Mary-Anne Ratcliffe and her sister, they are an abundance of gorgeousness and talent. One will be on the piano, the other on the guitar. They couldn’t suit the night any more.

I wanted to have Sally Hossack for a while now. A unique delicate voice, she is truly a star of the music scene.

NFQ are great and people in the know inform me that they are the best jazz outfit in the city. They will be filling my “wild card” slot (where I bring you something a bit different). They will be doing an acoustic slot that promises to be a sonic bubble bath.

I will be accompanied by the desperately talented Dave Dhonau and Amy Nicholson who play in my show, Good Friday. We will be doing various songs from Good Friday that do not get an outing that often, we may also present the odd surprise.

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