Good Friday album cover competition


This is a little competition to see if any of the artists out there are up to the challenge! The album is near completion. We just need an album cover!

Basically – the competition is for the album cover of Good Friday. The winner will get a free performance of the show in their front room by me and maybe one or two of my musicians (haven’t asked them yet!). I will also take you out for a meal! And …  you get to have made the album cover for the most talked about and lauded album of the East Midlands! All you have to do is draw (or paint or charcoal or whatever) a pretty picture. And the picture is this:

A tree with a  note on one of it’s branches. 

Bosh! And if you could include the words “Good Friday” (quite big I think) and “David Parkin” (not so big) that would be nice but not essential.

And it is as simple as that. Could be drawn, could be painted, could be in poo … go wild.

The image is inspired by the last words in the album from the song called “Up”. I’m in Thailand on holiday (after recovering from depression). I climb up a mountain and … well … I’ll let the lyrics fill you in…

“There’s no view at the top but I don’t care 

So I swat a mosquito and pull up a rock for a chair 

Looking around – I think “at least the weathers nice” 

Then I reach in my bag and pull out my knife 

 But try as I might – I can’t carve this in stone 

So on the branches of a tree I leave a note 

And maybe it’s somewhere still up there amongst the mosquitos and the sticks 

And it goes something like this: 

“My names Dave and on Good Friday 2009 

I tried to take my own life 

Now I’m here drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette 

And the breeze is cooling the sweat on my neck 

And I don’t know what any of this means but I guess I survived 

And you know what … you know what? 

It’s good to be alive. 

And things are looking UP” 

And there you go. I guess that’s what the album is. A note left somewhere for people to read/listen to. Below is the song Up, the lyrics are near the end (4 mins) .

So – UP to the challenge?! Email me!

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