Pics from the recording of Good Friday at Yellow Bean Studios

Photo’s by David Wilson C Clarke and Dave Dhonau

Here’s just a few pics of me, Amy and Dave recording Good Friday at Yellow Bean Studios. We had two days and things couldn’t have gone smoother. Jeremy Burns (who was our man on the desk) was ace and it all happened very naturally.

Amy and Dave are true professionals who got things down pretty quickly and (if I do say myself), on the first day at least, I was a bit of a one take wonder. It was my first time in a studio and it is a magical place. Things are already sounding better than I could have hoped to imagine.

This has been four years in the making for me and getting the tracks down (finally) was an amazing experience. After finishing on both days I walked to the pub feeling about 10 feet tall (that’s almost double!). So if you came a across a squiffy raging egomaniac (even more than usual!) – my apologise. . Good tech, affordable and Jez Burns is a bit of a genius. If you have something to record – that’s the place to go.

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