Pics from Parkin Presents Art For Change’s Hippy Happening

Here’s some pics from me and Art For Change’s (my mate Alex Serrano) Fringe gig : The Hippy Happening! Me (music and comedy), Rob Gee (poetry), Angela Armstrong (music), Richard Peel (surreal shenanigans that makes you laugh) and Preacher & The Bear (music goddammit!). All this gave us a delicious mix of performance.

And if you wanted something else you could always join our interactive art club, get your face painted, get yourself healed or make sure you completed your “task” for the evening form the basket of magic maybes (tasks included kissing strangers, dancing weirdly or just letting it all hang out).

It was a lot of fun and people seemed to dig it man! Expect more and don’t miss it this time!

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