Depression For Dummies

A chatty, stand up section of Good Friday.

The idea for this section occurred to me as soon as I decided to turn the album into a show really. Having done standup and comedy impro in the past I saw it as an opportunity to give my comedy muscles a flexing.

This section is born of frustration. I feel like I know a lot about depression NOW at the age of 35 but there are so many things that nobody ever tells you that it would have been really useful to know when I had my first big depressive episode (19).

I think the only way to hone comedy is in front of a live audience so this section is a little rough in places. Doing it with Dave and Amy is a very different dynamic to doing it on my own. So a few of the gags need a little tightening but generally I’m very funny of course. Very very funny.

Thanks to the lovely Richard Peel for doing the visuals for this section. One of his ideas (the sexy picture) delivers one of the biggest laughs of the show. Check out his website He lives at the end of my street and is a bit odd.

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