Scrabble For Beginners at Curve

The second song in the show. I always knew this was a piece that was crying out for some sinister cello which is provided here by the wonderful Dave Dhonau.

This is one of the songs that really got some attention at open mics back in the day which surprised me a bit seeing as its hardly a catchy little number. I think people are really drawn in by it and within the show it really helps to set the context.

I remember Pete Shenton (the director) saying about the album that after he heard this one he was completely on board for the ride.

And I wrote it very early in the process (writing the album/learning the piano) and it made me go “OK … crikey … maybe I can do this sort of thing … “.

Finally, this song evokes very strong memories for me. It really all did happen just like the song tells it. I really can remember me and mum giggling in the kitchen. It was such a little fantastic moment of release ….

Anyway … I’m over selling it. You’ll probably get bored after 2 minutes and go off to boil an egg or something …

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