Crawley at Curve

This really was the first song I wrote of the album/show and pretty much one of the first songs I ever wrote. And it was an incredible release. I just sat at my piano and cried. It was after writing this that I started thinking that maybe I could write an album about the whole affair (a clinical depression concept album!).

I was very inspired by ‘Electroshock Blues’ by The Eels. The album is about E’s terrible year (where his sister killed herself and his Mum died of cancer). It starts with a song about his sister dying and then the end songs final lines are “I was thinking about how everyone was dying and maybe its time to live”. And it takes you through the whole emotional gamut in between.

Good Friday starts with Crawley and ends with Up. The final lines being “It’s good to be alive, And things are looking up.”

Good Friday is no Electroshock Blues (its no way as good!) but it does owe it a creative debt. It was that album that persuaded me that I really could write an album about my experience and that maybe … I might just get away with it…

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