Day At A Time at Lincoln Drill Hall Scratch

What I might call an album song. I don’t post this one very much. Now, however, Amy and Dave have sprinkled their magic fairy dust on it and it is sounding very nice.

It is the start of the second half and so the start of my recovery.

I am fond of the lyrics. I have to admit that the line about telling a my black cloud (that’s following me everywhere)  that I’m not rain god and that he should leave me alone is stolen from Douglas Adams. One of The Hitchhikers series starts with a very miserable long distance lorry driver who actually IS a rain god and therefore gets rained on every where he goes. It made me laugh and it popped into my head when I was writing this song. I think its a good representation of the way I’m trying to play with sadness, humour and hope in this song.

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