The Week At Lincoln Drill Hall

Here are just some various shots of me, Dave Dhonau (musician), Amy Nicholson (musician) and Pete Shenton (director/outside eye type bloke) at Lincoln Drill Hall making Good Friday the theatre piece. I will keep this short because I AM KNACKERED! Musically, its all there really. Every time Dave and Amy sprinkle their music fairy dust on a song it quickly becomes my new favourite. What’s nice is how lush and beautiful “Up” is sounding now seeing as it is a simple song even by my standards (and that’s saying something!). Its gonna be a hell of an ending that will get ’em blubbing!

Now we just have to concentrate on the “theatre piece” bit. And for that we have the always affable and charming Pete. I realised today that I have to let the show go a bit. I’ve hired him to direct and I should just let him get on with it. There’s the show in my head and then there’s the show in the making and today I kissed goodbye to the show in my head. It’s no way to make work and letting it go feels rather liberating!

Now, to discover the piece and the unexpected, joyous things that the others bring to the table which, when you think about it, is a lot more of an exciting proposition. 🙂

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