The Good Friday Where The Camera Didn’t Work

Well, my equipment decided to pack up at the most beautiful venue I have had so far. Davina (an old Uni friend) put on Good Friday in her garden and house in the lovely town of Lewes.
And what a house! A lovely hippy idyl on top of the South Downs with stunning views, it was the perfect location for a gig that co-incided with the late October heatwave. I played in the garden in a patio arrangement that was a bit like a Roman Amphitheatre and then took it inside the house for the second half as the sun was setting.
It was a very loose and free show with plenty of interruptions. Latecomers, dogs, cats, dogs and cats. But that is all part of the fun. The Lo-Fi Good Friday Mates Tour should change and react dependant on the venue. It is also good training, teaching me to roll with the punches and ad lib if needed. When the show makes it to the theatre I don’t think it will have that vibe, but it’s good to be so comfortable with the material that I can go wherever the night takes me.
My favourite moment was during E(a)rnest. A cat strolled in stage right, much to the consternation of a puppy, stage left. What followed was a kind of Mexican standoff as I tried to sing the song through an attack of the giggles.
The audience were lovely. No more that 15, it was a nice, intimate gig. What was ace was performing to people who feature in the show. Sally is one of my most treasured friends, who supported me through the depression in question. Her and her dog, Molly Woofkin, pop up in Day At A Time but unfortunately she didn’t get to hear that song seeing as she had to leave at half time to get her baby twins down for the night. I’ll let her off for leaving, it’s a pretty good excuse!
All in all a lovely site specific gig. Shame you couldn’t see it!

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