The Nose That Nobody Picked autumn tour

Little Big Nose, Christopher and Dr Skinner are hitting the road this autumn. Little Big Nose’s rider includes fresh cabbage, a good book and pond water to slurp on. What a demander little hooter! Here’s where to find them and links for tickets:

23rd October – Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester. 11am and 1.30pm.

26th October – Cast, Doncaster. 1.30pm and 3.30pm. 

28th October – mac birmingham. 2pm.                   

5th November – Key Theatre, Vivacity Peterborough. 3pm.             

6th November – Arena, Wolverhampton. 2pm.

Now let’s go back to the beginning. It all started with a book I wrote when I was younger and screams in the garden…



The Nose That Nobody Picked Score Kickstarter has reached its goal!

First things first – head over to my nose music page and you can listen to the songs – which are, after all – a part of the score!

Just to let you all know that we have reached our kickstarter goal and are looking forward to getting on with it! There’s going to be lots more going into the recorded score! Sound effects, cello’s … MORE SNOT!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, whether that was just by sharing a post or getting a treat – we love you all!

If you do want to get your treat remember to send your address and bear in mind that the soundtrack won’t be finished to the end of September.

Let me just bug you with the tour dates again!

23rd October/Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicster. (11am+1.30pm) 0116 252 2455

26th October/Cast, Docaster. (1.30pm+3.30pm)            01302 303 959

28th October/mac birmingham. (2pm) 0121 446 3232

5th November/Key Theatre, Peterborough. (3pm)          01733 207239

6th November/Arena, Wolverhampton. (2pm)                      01902 321321

So there we have it. It is a beautiful day and rarther than looking for Pokemon – why don’t you just look at a tree or a bird or a flower?

There is a wise old slug saying – ‘Life is beautiful … try not to miss it.’

8th Reading of ‘The Nose That Nobody Picked’

This one has Christopher’s mum in it so I thought it might be fun to have my mum in it too!

I will be reading later today (Tuesday 31st May 2016) at 4.30 at the Belgrave Library, Leicester.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I am at Attenborough Arts Centre all day.

I shall be at The BRITE Centre  at 2pm on Thursday.

And I will be finishing my little tour of libraries on Friday at St Barnabas library at 2pm.

Do come along! I have props and I will sing songs and everything!